Top up your larder, not your plastic waste

Are those great deals you find on multipack fruit and vegetables a great deal for the planet? Buying individually can save on your plastic waste and even save you money!

What’s the problem?

It’s really common theme is supermarket to get a good deal on bulk or multiple purchases. for example, have you seen those onions, limes and lemon in those plastic nets or multi coloured peppers in a plastic wrapping? The plastic waste is infuriating isn’t it?

What’s the impact of plastic waste?

Unfortunately those types plastics are not biodegradable, nor are they recyclable! Yet, a large percentage of those multipacks end up in our weekly shops in the UK.

The nets and thin cellophane plastics that end up in landfills are usually transported to other countries where they sometimes end up in our oceans. These nets not only produce micro-plastics that are eaten by living sea creatures and end up in our food chains but also physically impact the sea creatures ability to swim, breathe and breed.

What’s the Solution

Make a small switch to buying vegetables and fruits that are not packaged but buy them individually instead. It’s relatively easy to do and the price is virtually the same. Remember that even if you buy them individually, make sure to avoid those plastic bags that are close by!

What can I do?

  1. Pick your vegetables and fruits from the supermarket individually!
  2. Remember to take your reusable long lasting bag to the supermarket!
  3. Do you have a local greengrocer you have been meaning to check out? Their produce is usually a lot better in quality and freshness, supports the local economy and produces less plastic waste!

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