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Welcome to The Eco Review – Sustainability Starts Here

Hello and welcome to The Eco Review, we are dedicated to helping you live sustainably, one swap at a time. Want to live sustainably but not sure where to start? The Eco Review can guide you with simple tips and practical swaps, alongside our product & service reviews that make living sustainably simple.

The world is in trouble! If there is any doubt about this, check out The World Counts for some scary data about the current global situation. If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you are someone who cares about the planet we live on and want to do something about it. Welcome to The Eco Review, you’ve come to the right place because, so do we!

Governments are slow to react and unfortunately, most businesses put profit ahead of the planet. However, money talks and you have the power to choose where you spend your money. There are some great companies out there, offering eco-friendly products and services which outperform their more powerful competitors. The Eco Review is here to help shine a light on these businesses.

How do we Help?

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Everyone wants to be proactive and make changes to there lifestyle, The Eco Review is here to give you that power. However, we are also fully aware that there isn’t all that much information out there to make the right choices easily. That’s where The Eco Review comes in, we want to help everyone make small changes, that together will make a big difference.

The Eco Review is your one stop shop to help you make the right choices to live sustainably and save our planet. You will find information on everything from habit changes to sustainable behaviors and choices as well as services and products.

I know what you are thinking… Where do I start? How do I change? Will the products and services be as good as what I use now? Very valid questions…

It’s not about changing everything all at once. It’s about small incremental changes that make a difference to the planet and save you money!

You will only find recommendations on products we feel are superior and will save you money, the best of both worlds!

The Eco Review was founded on 3 main principles:


Our business is based on honesty and integrity, our community trust us to not be influenced by any factors when providing our reviews.


We are passionate about making sustainable living simple, this website is a completely free resource, created to make information easily available for everyone to make fact-based objective decisions.

The Eco Review is here to make a difference. We do it because we want to make a change. We take our own free time to think, plan, test, verify and write content so you don’t have to research it all yourself. Our aim is to provide all the information that you need to live sustainably in a simple, easy-to-digest format.


People join our community because they want to see information that is free from bias and allows them to make the best choices. We test products and services to provide you with an honest review and objective insights.

Join our community to be informed of tips and tricks that you can share with others on how to be sustainable.

Please leave your comments below on any tips you have and products you use – we read them all!

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